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Mix and matchAccess to 1000+ data sources and some of the world's most powerful machine learning tools – all in one place
Cut through the noiseVisual preprocessing for rapidly iterating toward reduced complexity through simple user interactions
Explore interactivelyCoordinated workbenches to probe data from different angles and quickly discover meaningful patterns
Re-thinking Analytics

Looking for values, not answers

We are building Dcipher Analytics to be the most powerful solution for non-programmers to discover value in data. We believe the best insights come from people with domain knowledge and a passion for discovery.

We strongly believe in the paradigm of agile analytics which focuses on finding value in a dataset rather proving hypotheses. The method prioritizes offering value rather than a set process, and is used to analyze data that isn’t always fully organized or clean. Agile analytics is derived from this concept, and offers a faster and more free-flow style of data discovery that suits a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Meet up at the Stockholm office – AI for market intelligence20181005204606

(304) 366-1780

Breakfast seminar on Oct 17, 9 AM UCT. Västa Järnvägsgatan 3 Tomas Larsson, founder of Dcipher has been working with AI-powered market intelligence since before it was in demand:-). He will share i...
Dcipher Pre-UI20181005131923

Dcipher Pre-UI

OK, here we go. We have been at work on the platform for 16 months now. 3 months to go. Without really knowing what it would look like in the end we have set out to achieve a few things. There are gre...
We’re hiring!20181005131517


Dcipher has offices in Stockholm, Shanghai and Istanbul. We are a team of ten looking to add 10 more co-workers as quickly as we can. For our office in Istanbul we’re looking for highly motivate...
AI Lab: a new approach for extracting value from data through artificial intelligence20181005131305

AI Lab: a new approach for extracting value from data through artificial intelligence

We have received many requests from companies who want to understand how they can benefit from AI in their business. Awaiting the launch of the Dcipher SaaS platform In order to accelerate value creat...

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Release January 2019

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